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PDCL provides professional development for women religious currently in congregational leadership positions. We offer a variety of workshops and certificate programs.

Created in Africa for Africa, we aim to ‘fan to flame’ the potential of leaders in women’s religious congregations to inspire and enable women-for-mission in today’s world.

This is an outreach programme under the care of the Centre for Leadership and Management (CLM). Its purpose is to provide a locally developed programme for women religious in congregational leadership.


PDCL is the result of a 3-year collaboration among Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, DePaul University and Centre for Leadership and Management, Tangaza University College. Facilitators from Faith and Praxis International and DePaul UniversityVincent on Leadership: The Hay Project were engaged to offer program input and training. These two institutions provided the experience, knowledge, skills and training necessary to begin a programme run by local sisters in congregational leadership. Of the 60 participants in the initial training, 16 sisters committed to developing a local training programme based on what they received as well as their experience as congregational leaders in Africa. They developed the Certificate in the Practice of Organizational Leadership (CPOL), which launched in 2017.

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