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Leadership for Mission – CPOL Module 3

Leadership for Mission – Module 3 of the Certificate in the Practice of Organizational Leadership (CPOL)

This programme is open to sisters in congregational leadership and their team members.

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Purpose of Programme: To help  Sister-leaders put their faith and congregational charism into prophetic action

By participating in this programme you will:

  • grow in understanding the cultural, historical and political context in which you are working and make informed decisions
  • Use the dynamics of managing change to enable a community to retain clarity of mission while undergoing the process of change
  • Define and implement a process for discerning a mission within emerging options.

Topics Include

  • Global Trends – Reading the Signs of the Times
  • Consecrated Life for Mission – Prophecy & Mission, Scriptural Basis of Prophecy
  • Leadership & Decision-making
  • Communal Discernment
  • Theory U as a Framework for Profound Change
  • Social Teachings of the Church
  • Dilemmas in Mission – Mission vs. Personal Ministry
  • Sustainable Development Goals and the Sisters’ mission


The sisters facilitating Module 3 are experienced congregational leaders, with either current or past experience of being in congregational leadership at different levels throughout Africa. They’ve completed leadership training offered by Faith and Praxis International and DePaul UniversityVincent on Leadership: The Hay Project and by CLM.


The programme is funded by Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, which is committed to partnering CLM to establish a locally developed programme for sisters in congregational leadership. All accommodation costs will be covered by the fund.


To apply, contact either: Sr. Loretta Brennan                                                       at <cpolclm@gmail.com> +254 733 247117 or                                                         Sr. Vicenta Javier at <javier.vicenta5@gmail.com>+254 713 898964              to get a letter of invitation with the necessary information and an application that you submit in Google Form.